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Our Story

About Adorned & Worn:

It all began in the summer of 2017, when three police wives met at a small coffee shop with a big idea. While there are other places you can buy LEO support apparel, we wanted to fill the demand for quality, custom LEO apparel and accessories. Our goal is to provide you exactly want you want, tailored to your needs.

All of our products are handmade, sewn and printed locally. We look at lots of product before we narrow it down to the best quality and softest fabrics.

We are based out of Des Moines, IA. We launched Adorned & Worn with our local community, and since then it has expanded beyond our dreams.

Meet the Ladies Behind Adorned & Worn:

Alicia is the lucky, and somewhat frazzled, mom of four busy kids who are in eight different activities. She's an OB/Gyn sonographer (yes, she gets to look at babies all day!) and her LEO husband is currently an afternoon Patrol Sgt and in charge of the K-9 unit. She completed three half marathons in 2017, including the Run Disney pink Coast to Coast Challenge. She LOVES Disney, funny t-shirts, a nice glass of moscato wine, Gray's Anatomy, and isn't ashamed her local Starbuck's baristas know her by name. Alicia says, "I'm so excited and humbled that you all are trusting us to help support that LEO in your life."

Amanda is a full-time mom to two boys (soon to be three!) and a part-time graphic designer. She loves her morning coffee, a good run, donuts, curling up on the couch with some Netflix, and traveling when she can. She was lucky enough to marry her high school sweetheart, who before becoming a police officer in 2012 was in the Marine Corps. Amanda says, "I always enjoy connecting with other members of the blue line family and believe that the service and sacrifice necessary in this profession is truly something to be proud of."

Kelly is a busy mom of three little kids with another baby girl on the way! She works in advertising and her hubby is a LEO. Between the kids and her husband's crazy schedule, she loves Friday family movie nights, (trying) to cook, and online shopping. And like the saying goes... she truly lives off caffeine and Amazon prime. And some good red wine every now and then. Kelly says, "Happy to have you following our page!"


About Alli Stuhr Photography:

All of our gorgeous product photos have been taken by Alli Stuhr Photography. Alli is a full-time nurse who started taking photos in 2013. What started as a fun hobby photographing family moments soon became a business opportunity. Local to Des Moines and coming from a LEO family herself, she understands what we as LEO families go through and was happy to help us make this website possible. To learn more about Alli Stuhr Photography, visit: