Father's Day order deadlines: May 22nd for apparel and May 29th for all other items (hats, decals, etc.)

The Story Behind Our Hats

Our classic custom distressed hat is a staple of our brand. These hats were actually one of the first products we launched with and still are the number one item we sell. Probably because it's so versatile. We offer a handful of badge shapes and badge numbers.  It's a simple, classic way to show your support for your LEO- even if it's a spouse or not. 

But did you know the story behind each hat we sell? Its not a large production shop where we crank out hats and mail them off. It's quite the opposite!

Once we get your order, we send the order number and the customization to our embroider (who is also local to the Des Moines area!) She stitches every order one-by-one. Once she is done with that portion, we meet her to take the newest batch of patches.


Once we have all of the patches, we cut the fabric by hand that goes behind the them. Next, we adhere the patch and fabric to the hat and let it sit to dry. Once it's ready to go, we assemble our boxes, put the hat inside, package it up and head to the mailbox!  


Long story short, there is a lot of love that goes into our hat making. Each order is made by hand. We are moms, we are busy, but we love what we do. We set aside time to make your orders because like you, we love supporting the Blue Family. It's rewarding to see pictures that you post on social because you are so PROUD to be a LEOW...  and knowing we had a hand (literally) in making that hat. 

We know you can buy a hat from a large production manufacturer. We know you can buy other LEO apparel from online retailers and we know you can get hats faster elsewhere. But, we appreciate you ordering from us. We are a local, LEOW owned and operated business. Once you place your order, at least three people reviewed it, stitched it and assembled it. 

So the next time you see one of our hats, you know the process behind it, the story behind it and know on the other end are three LEOWs that proudly made it.

Much love,

Adorned & Worn Badge Gear

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